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MyMnCareers Audience

Who is MyMnCareers for?

This website was developed to help motivate students and adult job seekers to discover career and educational paths. It is meant to introduce or reinforce career development concepts used by Minnesota Adult Basic Education programs, WorkForce Centers, and other organizations working with low-literacy adults.

Highlights of MyMnCareers include content about career information, goal-setting guidance, and interactive tools to find the employment or job training needed to move into their desired career path.

To support user success, there are three audience levels for MyMnCareers. Searches for career and education program options yield different results at the three levels, based on the amount of English language fluency and familiarity with the workplace.

Beginners ("I am an English Language Learner")

The majority of the audience for this section is non-native English speakers. This section is designed for use in a facilitated session of an Adult Basic Education class, WorkForce Center, or other workshop or classroom settings.

  • 1st-3rd grade reading level
  • CASAS scores up to 210
  • TABE scores up to 3.9
  • ELL 3
  • Beginning Basic Ed
  • ESL Beginning to Low Intermediate ESL

Intermediate ("I am Finishing High School or My GED")

Provides realistic support for goal setting and career planning. This section can be used in a workshop or classroom setting or can be used by students/customers independently.

  • 4th-5th grade reading level
  • CASAS scores 211-236
  • TABE scores 4.0-5.9
  • ELL 4- 6
  • Low Intermediate Basic Ed
  • High Intermediate to Advanced ESL

Advanced ("I am Done with High School/GED and Want to Advance My Career")

Helps people who are ready to move into career planning and post-secondary training. It is designed to be used independently.

  • 6th grade reading level and beyond
  • CASAS scores greater than 236
  • TABE scores 6.0 and up
  • High Intermediate through completed ABE
  • Completed Advanced ESL