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Success Story: Paw

Read and hear a story about a woman who achieved her goal of learning English, finding a job, and buying a house. Learn about the new goals that she has for her life and her family.

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Hi. My name is Paw. I am a refugee. I moved to the United States about five years ago. I came with my family. My husband and I both wanted jobs. It was difficult for me to get a job because I did not speak English.

I went to school during the day to learn English. I took my English papers home and studied them at night. My goal was to learn enough English to get a job.

I went to school every day for one year. After that, I started applying for jobs. It took some time, but finally I got a job at a pizza shop. It took me one hour to get to work from my house by bus. But I was happy to have a job.

My husband also got a job. We wanted to save our money so that we could buy a house. Our apartment was too small for our family. Our goal was to work hard and keep our jobs so that we could buy a house as soon as possible.

My supervisor liked me because I was a hard worker. I made the pizzas. I did not know enough English to talk to customers. My supervisor gave me all the work hours I wanted because I was a good employee. It was good to have more hours because I could save more money.

After three years of working and saving money, my husband and I bought our first house. It is small, but it is wonderful. We have more room for our family.

I started going to school again. I want to improve my English so that I can talk to customers at the pizza shop. Someday I want to become the pizza store manager.

I also have a goal to become a U.S. citizen. Soon I will start taking a citizenship class to help me prepare for the test.

My husband and I have an important long-term goal. Our goal is to give our children a good life. We want to show them what hard work looks like. Hard work is important if you want to achieve your goals.