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Industry Spotlights

Read news about careers, education, and trends in critical Minnesota industries.


A Unique Industry/Education Collaboration
On May 17, 2019 four African-American students graduated from Dakota County Technical College’s accredited Electrical Lineworker program.

That might not sound remarkable, until you consider that these young men were the first people of color ever to graduate from the line worker program at DCTC.

E3 WORKSHOPS: Why Educating Energy Educators Matters
Are Minnesota teachers aware of the opportunities available to their students in Minnesota’s clean energy industry? Do they have the tools and resources to get kids excited about preparing themselves for careers in energy?

The ones who've attended Minnesota State Energy Center of Excellence’s E3 Workshops do.

ENERGY SCIENCE TRAILERS: Unleashing Creative Energy
How does industry get students interested in energy careers? How do teachers get students interested in energy science? The Minnesota State Energy Center of Excellence had a plan: Energy Science Trailers delivering experiential learning in a mobile classrom. Turns out that was a pretty good idea.

The Power of Minnesota Documentary
First screened in August of 2018, The Power of Minnesota, a documentary that’s sparked enormous interest and community engagement around clean energy in Minnesota, is now available for online viewing.

Read more Energy news in the 2nd Quarter Center of Excellence newsletter.


Using Virtual Reality to Showcase the NEW Reality of Ag Careers
"With twice as many job openings in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) as qualified grads, we have to be creative in finding ways to open people’s eyes about agriculture," says Keith Olander, Director of the Minnesota State Northern Agriculture Center of Excellence.


Growing Interest in Agriculture Education: A CASE study
Brad Schloesser, Director of the Minnesota State Southern Agriculture Center of Excellence, was instrumental in the introduction of a national Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education (CASE) that's helping high schools across Minnesota and the nation to launch and reenergize Agri-Science programs.


How Technology Is Changing the Way Minnesota Farms
Silicon Valley may be the obvious destination for people who want to work in tech — but the Minnesota and Red River Valleys offer great opportunities for people with STEM skills.



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