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Done with High School/GED
and Want to Advance My Career

Ready to get a better job or find training? You can do it! Moving forward takes planning and effort. You need to understand the careers that best fit you. Most likely, you will need more education. And you might need to further develop personal skills that employers expect.

This step-by-step website gives you the information you need to plan and move up in your career. Follow these four steps in order. Keep track of useful information in your career plan.

Step 1. Explore Careers
Explore careers that require up to four years of education. You'll learn about outlook, wages, training, and skills.

Step 2. Set Goals
Assess your skills and interests, and match them to careers. Find out the training that is needed to advance. Set goals to make good decisions about your career or education.

Step 3. Get Training
Discover your options for college and job training programs. Learn how to pay for school. Find the specific training you need for career advancement.

Step 4. Learn More
Learn about workplace skills. Locate resources to help you overcome obstacles. Find out the benefits of citizenship for non-U.S. born workers.

Success Story: James
Everyone has things that make it difficult to succeed in life. Read and hear about a man who is working on achieving his goals.

Success Story: Ayan
Everyone has their own ideas about success and their own problems to overcome. Read and hear about a woman who has achieved a lot in a short period of time.