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If you need help, start with one of the frequently asked questions below.

1. What is MyMnCareers? How will it help me?

MyMnCareers is a website for adults who do not have a high school diploma or recently earned their diploma or GED. It has information to help you get job training or set goals to move forward in your career and in life.

The website has information for three groups:

  • "I am an English Language Learner" is for recent immigrants and others learning how to read English who want to learn about the workplace. This section is easy to read.
  • "I am Finishing High School or My GED" is for people who do not yet have a diploma and want to find better jobs. This section has information that is easy to read.
  • "I am Done with High School/GED and Want to Advance My Career" is for job seekers interested in changing jobs or getting more training so they can qualify for better jobs. This section has the most detail and is easy to read.

Start using the section of MyMnCareers that best describes you. You can use a different section when you move forward in your education or career goals.

2. What is the best way to use MyMnCareers?

  1. Choose which section of the site fits you best:
    • I am an English Language Learner
    • I am Finishing High School or My GED
    • I am Done with High School/GED and Want to Advance My Career
  2. Each section of the website can help you explore careers, set goals, get training, and learn more to advance your career. Start with Explore Careers, or pick the one that meets your needs.
  3. Use the information and activities in Set Goals to help you make short-term and long-term plans for your education and career.
  4. Keep track of what you learn on MyMnCareers in your Career Plan.
  5. Talk about what you learn and your Career Plan with your teachers or job coach.
  6. As you complete your goals, update your Career Plan. Use MyMnCareers to find new information to help you keep moving forward in your education or career.

3. Who can I contact if I have questions about MyMnCareers or Adult Basic Education programs?

  • For questions about Minnesota Adult Basic Education (ABE), contact Literacy Minnesota or call 800-222-1990
  • For questions about the MyMnCareers website, please contact support.