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English Language Learner

You are studying English. And, you are learning about the world of work. Good job!

Want to get a job or find a better job? This website will help you. There are four steps. First click on Step 1: Explore Careers. Follow the directions in each step.

Step 1. Explore Careers
Learn about different careers.

Step 2. Set Goals
Make good decisions about your career or education.

Step 3. Get Training
Find out how to get more education or job training.

Step 4. Learn More
Choose what to do next with your education or career goals.

Success Story: Joseph
A career is different than a job. Read and hear a story about a man who started working at a job. He liked his job and wanted to advance. With work experience, time, and more education, he turned his job into a career.

Success Story: Paw
Read and hear a story about a woman who achieved her goal of learning English, finding a job, and buying a house. Learn about the new goals that she has for her life and her family.