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Facilitator Resources

These resources help counselors, adult educators, high school instructors, and other professionals who support students and low-literacy adults in job search and planning for education and careers. Use the information provided here to develop curriculum and self-guided tools.


Before using these facilitator resources, assess which audience group your students or customers belong to at MyMnCareers Audience.

How to Use MyMnCareers

  • In a classroom or workshop setting, start with "Setting Goals" to give context to the information in the other sections. Use "Explore Careers," "Get Training," and "Learn More" in the order most relevant to your students or customers.
  • Vocabulary is defined in the context of the website, but some words may need explanation, especially if you are not following each section in order. Make sure students or customers understand the contextual meaning of words like "cluster," and "pathway."

Help with Goal Setting

Many low-skilled adult students or job seekers don't see the relevance of goal setting. They don't always understand how goal-setting affects every aspect of their lives, not just their job or education.

Many students and customers know all too well what they can't do. MyMnCareers was designed to help them figure out what they already are able to do well, what they enjoy doing, and how these things can lead to career success.

  • Working through the exercises in the "Setting Goals" section can build critical thinking skills. Practicing critical thinking will help students and customers to have more success in school and on the job.
  • When using MyMnCareers, revisit "Setting Goals" periodically so that users realize that goals are completed in various time frames and that they change based on activity and accomplishment.

Classroom/Workshop Resources


Assessment Resources

This page of links lists common assessment tools used by facilitators who support lower literacy students and program participants.

Video Resources

These online clips include real-life examples and instruction for students and adults seeking to learn effective job search skills.

Audio Resources

These audio clips tell the story of six Adult Basic Education students as they earn their GEDs or find a career path.

MyMnCareers Plan

Other Career Resources

These resources provide supplemental links to help students and customers with each step of the plan. The steps are the same as the sections of the MyMnCareers website.

Explore Careers

Set Goals

Get Training

Educational providers and placement assessment

Financial aid and education costs

Learn More

Work skills/career management

Overcoming obstacles

Job search resources

Resources for people with a criminal conviction

Other resources