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Explore Careers

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Do you want to move from a job into a career? Learn about your options.

Learning about different careers and options is an important step. It will help you create a career plan. You'll know which career options match your goals before you apply for jobs.

Why You Need to Explore Careers

  • You'll find accurate information about your job options and places to work.
  • You'll know what type of education or training you need.
  • You'll learn how and where to apply for jobs.
  • You'll make networking contacts who can help you look for work or advance your career.
  • You'll learn about trends in the job market that can affect your career planning.

Start with the "What is a Career?" section. Or click on a section that interests you.

What is a Career?
Learn about the difference between jobs, careers, and occupations.

How to Find Career Information
Learn how to gather information about careers before you make a future career decision.

Discover Your Career Options
Explore careers by looking at the different options available to you.

Career Search Tool
Search for career information.