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If you need help, start with one of the frequently asked questions below.

1. What is STEP AHEAD? How will it help me?

STEP AHEAD is a website for people who have felony or other criminal convictions. It has information to help you job search, find job training, or set goals to move forward in your career and in life.

2. What is the best way to use STEP AHEAD?

The content is split into six sections: Assess Yourself, Explore Careers, Create a Plan & Set Goals, Expand Skills, Find a Job, and Manage Your Career. The first step is to "assess yourself." Or you can start using the section of STEP AHEAD that best fits your needs.

Talk about your job search, training options, and your career plans with your Parole Officer or a job coach.

3. Can I print pages of STEP AHEAD?

You can print any page of STEP AHEAD on the live website. Use the grey "Print" icon near the top left of any page. Note that this feature will not work on computers inside correctional facilities.

  • "Print" allows you to print a page to read later or to write on it.

4. Who can I contact if I have questions about STEP AHEAD or my job search?

  • For specific questions about your record or the conditions of your release, contact your Supervised Release or Parole Officer.
  • For questions about your job search, contact your Parole officer, or go to a CareerForce location or a community organization that offers employment assistance.
  • For questions about the STEP AHEAD website, please contact us.