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Find a Job

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Set goals for your future and make them happen.

The current job market can be tough. But people find jobs all of the time. There are different strategies to help organize your search. Learn more about each strategy. They are included in the pages listed below.

Why Should You Follow Job Search Strategies?

The people who find jobs understand what employers look for when they hire. Employers expect that job seekers are good at these job search practices. If you are serious about finding a job that fits you, follow these strategies.

Start with the "The Hiring Process" section. Or click on a section that interests you.

The Hiring Process
Finding a job is a series of many steps. Learn about the hiring process.

Job Search After Release
Learn how your criminal record will make some parts of the job search different than it is for other job seekers.

Know the Workplace
Changes in the economy and job market mean changes to the workplace. Learn how this can mean changing expectations for you.

Making Connections
Networking is all about connecting with people. Learn how these relationships will help your job search.

Develop Your Resume
Learn how your resume can make a good first impression with an employer.

Know How to Interview
Prepare for a successful interview with an employer.

Get Job Search Help
It's OK to ask for help. Find programs and services to help during your job search.