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The Hiring Process

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Finding a job is a series of many steps. Understanding the entire process, and where it is leading, can help you.

Finding a job sounds like an easy process. See an opening, apply, and get the job. But in reality, the hiring process is a series of many steps. And the more you know about the entire process, the more success you will have at each step.

Use the pages below to learn about the hiring process.

Job Search Preparation
Get yourself ready. Prepare for a successful job search so it can be one.

How Employers Hire
Learn about the process most employers follow when hiring employees.

Filling Out Job Applications
Find tips to help you fill out online and in person job applications. Understand which questions employers can ask you.

Practice Online Job Application
Use this practice application to prepare for your job search. See information employers often ask for and practice entering it into an online form.

Finding Job Openings
Job openings are listed in a variety of places. Know where to look.

Negotiating a Job Offer
Get tips for negotiating things like salary and benefits after you are offered a job. Learn about the types of benefits an employer offers.