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Employer Expectations

Every workplace has its own culture. This culture will include what the employer expects from you.

Think back to your time in prison. The prison had its own culture. You were told how to dress, speak, and behave with other people. When you get a job, your workplace will have a culture too. As a new employee, you must learn these new "rules." Your employer will expect you to learn this new culture. It will also help you fit in with your coworkers.

Each job has its own culture. The culture of an office job will be different from the culture of a warehouse job. Read the advice of the managers below on how to meet employers' expectations.

Manager 1

Would you like some tips on how to be a great employee? I hire people all the time, but not everyone is a good worker. Here are some tips to becoming a great employee.

First of all, come to work on time. Do not be late. Call me if you think you might be late.

When you come to work, dress appropriately. If you are supposed to wear a uniform, make sure it is clean, and wear it. If your job does not require a uniform, dress according to your work dress code.

Great employees have good attitudes. They do not complain. Great employees are friendly to each other and to their managers. They do not gossip. They do not say things about other workers that are unkind or untrue.

Finally, great employees make sure they do a good job. If they don't understand something, they ask questions. Employees who ask questions care about doing a job correctly.

Manager 2

Learning a new work culture is not always easy. But it is important if you want to be successful at your job. Here are some tips to learning the work culture that will make you successful.

Learn the language of your workplace. Learn the names for things you use for your job. Learn any new words that you hear in your workplace. They will help you understand what is going on and what is expected of you. Also, learn the names of your coworkers.

Follow the rules. Read your employee handbook so that you can work safely. Help others to work safely too.

Successful employees are also respectful to their coworkers and are "team players." They help their coworkers when they need it. They care about doing a good job.

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