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Industrial-Organizational Psychologists

Wages & Outlook


Typical Wages

Wages listed below are for a variety of experience and education levels. Make sure that you research the typical entry-level education and work experience and training requirements for this occupation.

This career: $69.53
Statewide median: $24.25


Wages for Industrial-Organizational Psychologists *

Area Low Median High
$42.93 $69.53 $104.65

* "Low" indicates 25% of workers earn less and 75% earn more.
"Median" indicates 50% of workers earn less and 50% earn more.
"High" indicates 75% of workers earn less and 25% earn more.

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Where do Industrial-Organizational Psychologists most often work?


Current Demand

No data available.


Future Demand

No data available.


Employment Outlook for Industrial-Organizational Psychologists
Area Employment Employment Change
-10 0 Number Percent
2020 2030 Number Percent
U S 4,900 5,000 100 2.2%

Source: You can learn about our data sources in the About Us section.