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Parent Center

Take an active role in helping your teen explore the worlds of education and work, the career development process, and today's labor market.

As a parent, your experience in the world of work can help your child learn about work.

Explore Careers with Your Teen

Parents can help their teen explore careers and jobs. Learn more about the world of work, assessments, and how to plan for a successful career. The new MyMnCareerPlan website, workbook, and activity matrix provides a career and college readiness model. It is easy to follow and supports several elements of the current successful transition legislation.

Plan for Higher Education with Your Teen

Your teen is likely to want some type of education after high school. Planning for your teen's education is important and exciting. It can also be complicated. You can make a big difference in helping your teen to sort it out.

Help Your Teen Find a Job

What are some of the best ways to help your teen find a job? And keep a job? What are some tips for applications, resumes, and interviews?

Other Career Resources for Families

Learn what other resources are out there to help your teen with careers, education, and jobs.

Additional Resources for Families

Use these websites to find parenting information, community resources, and a wide variety of useful information.

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