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Short-Term Training in Minnesota

The information here will help you find short-term training options to upgrade your current job skills or obtain employment. You have a number of short-term training choices. These include seminars, workshops, continuing education, personal enrichment courses, non-credit courses, and college diploma and certificate programs. 

Generally, short-term training takes less than a year but may take up to two years to complete an associate's degree. Short-term training programs frequently adjust to the changing demands of the job market. This means that classes are updated often.

Get Started

A good place to start is with labor market research. This will help you see which careers are in high-demand and the educational level needed. It will also help you learn about skills and abilities, licensing and certification requirements, and training programs.

Types of Training

Do You Qualify for Specific Types of Financial Aid?

Learn about the different types of financial aid available to help you achieve your training goals. You can also find information about other financial support to help with transportation, child care, and more.