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How to Showcase Your Work

Show your skills, projects, and training and education to potential employers.

When you go to an interview, consider taking a portfolio that highlights your best work. This helps a potential employer visualize what you can do. That is a major asset for most job seekers, regardless of their career field. Refer back to your portfolio any time you can during the interview. Use a portfolio to:

  • Provide evidence of work you've done
  • Illustrate your skills and abilities
  • Show the quality of your work
  • Tell a story about your career and the challenges you overcame

Use a Loose-Leaf Binder with Dividers

  • The first page can be a fresh copy of your resume. Or place that in a pocket in the front cover.
  • Include a table of contents. This makes it easier for both you and the prospective employer to find items quickly. Group your work samples into logical categories. For example, you could organize by the specific skills used, the type of project, or product line
  • Display the rest of the content in clear page protectors

How you organize your work samples is up to you, but make sure you label each item. Explain what it is, your involvement, and the skills you used.

Other Items You Might Include in Your Portfolio

  • Employer/industry information (articles on the interviewer, employer, and industry)
  • Skills list, matched to the specific job
  • Job match letter
  • Workshops and conferences attended
  • References, evaluations, letters of recommendation, and testimonials
  • Letters of thanks
  • Articles about you
  • Stories demonstrating skills or character (preferably signed)

If you are interviewing in very different occupations or industries, then you may need more than one portfolio.

At the End of an Interview

Offer to leave some of your work samples behind with the interviewer. These samples can be original pieces (although they might not be returned to you), photocopies, or electronic copies. You can also direct the person to your online portfolio if you have one.