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Recently Unemployed

After a layoff, get help managing your finances, your job search, and your career.

New: COVID-19 Job Search Resources

Immediate Help After a Job Loss

Find your nearest CareerForce location, and check out unemployment benefits, the Dislocated Worker program, and how to maintain health care coverage.

Job Search After a Job Loss

After a layoff or a major reduction in pay, you may want to look for another job right away. This section offers all the resources you need to get right to it.

Job Loss: Education and Training

Whether you enroll in one or two classes, take short-term training, or earn a degree, upgrading your skills may be helpful in making your next move. And you may qualify for help paying for it, too!

Changing Careers After a Job Loss

After a job loss, you may be thinking about finding a new career or a new industry. How do you make the move?