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Immediate Help After a Job Loss

After a layoff or a major reduction in pay, look for unemployment benefits, figure out how to continue medical coverage. Take care of other immediate needs.

CareerForce Locations

CareerForce Locations are "one-stop shops." They help people with all aspects of the job search, training, and career planning.

Unemployment Benefits in Minnesota

If you are laid off from regular employment, unemployment benefits can provide financial support for up to six months.

Medical Coverage After Job Loss in Minnesota

If you had medical insurance through your former employer, you may be able to continue that coverage.

Financial Tips After a Job Loss

Review these tips to stay financially healthy while you look for work.

Minnesota's Dislocated Worker Program

Were you part of a large layoff? Then you may be eligible for Minnesota's Dislocated Worker program. This includes help with career development and your job search.

Rights After a Layoff in Minnesota

Know your rights in a layoff. If you own a home, be careful not to lose it. Get all the benefits you can from your former employer. Were you laid off due to increased foreign imports? There might be additional help.