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Rights After a Layoff in Minnesota

Understand your rights and protections after a layoff.

Do You Qualify for the Dislocated Worker Program?

If you qualify for Unemployment Insurance and were part of a mass layoff, you may also qualify for Minnesota's Dislocated Worker program. There are many benefits to the program. Figure out right away if you qualify.

Your Rights and Protections in Layoffs

If you were laid off, it's important to know your rights. Refer to these employee rights and termination FAQs.

Home Ownership

Learn about the Foreclosure Prevention Assistance Program. This helps homeowners keep their homes during a temporary financial crisis.

Leave With All Your Benefits

Get all the benefits you can from your former employer. Ask your former employer about other benefits such as vacation, sick pay, outplacement services, or stock options.

Was Your Job Affected by Increased Imports?

Those who lost a job or had their hours or wages reduced as a result of increased imports may qualify for income assistance through the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act (TAA).