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Higher Education

Are you thinking about education after high school?

More education gives you more career choices. It also qualifies you for better-paying jobs. Explore all of the higher education options available before making a decision. Higher education is also sometimes called postsecondary education. It can include going to college as well as vocational training.

Is Higher Education for You?

If you're considering enrolling in higher education, weigh your options and evaluate the benefits you'll receive well beyond school.

How Higher Education Pays Off

Find out how you will benefit from receiving more education after high school.

What is a Liberal Arts Education?

Discover the value of a liberal arts education. Prepare for a variety of careers. Develop transferable skills that will help you adapt to an ever-changing workplace.

Begin Your School Research

You'll soon find there's an overwhelming amount of information about higher education. Start here for some of the best resources in Minnesota.

Types of Minnesota State Schools

Learn about types of schools that make up Minnesota State and how they differ from each other.

Education Glossary

It's good to know the college lingo when you're planning your college future. Use this glossary of frequently used words and phrases.