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Plan for Education with Your Teen

Planning for your teen's education is important and exciting. It can also be complicated.

Your teen is likely to want some type of education after high school. You can make a big difference in helping to sort out all of the options.

Education Resources for People with Disabilities
Families with children with disabilities will want to learn about early intervention, transition services for youth, and access to higher education.

Work-Based Learning
Before deciding on an education or career path, encourage your teen to "test drive" a job. Work-based learning, like internships and apprenticeship, lets students gain knowledge and skills. It also connects what they're learning in school to real-life work activities.

Types of Minnesota State Schools
"Going to college" can mean a lot of different things. Today, colleges vary from traditional four-year universities to two-year colleges to short-term job training to online programs. Which one best matches your teen's goals?

Online Learning
Taking classes or earning a degree online has become a popular option for high school and college students. But is it the best option for your teen?

Applying to College
Admission to a school is an exciting and sometimes complicated journey. Know what to expect and what is expected of you so that the process can be as smooth as possible.

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