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Help Your Teen Find a Job

What are some of the best ways to help your teen find a job? What are some tips for applications, resumes, and interviews?

Explore the Job Market
Before your teen sends out a resume, encourage him or her to take a look at salary information, research careers in your region of Minnesota, and review other important career information.

Develop Your Resume
There is no one right way to create a resume, but there are a few things not to do. Help your teen to develop a resume, cover letter, and portfolio that will get employers' attention.

Common Interview Questions
Your teen needs to know how to answer common interview questions. But does he or she also know how to handle tough or potentially illegal questions?

Minnesota Youth Program (MYP)
The Minnesota Youth Program (MYP) is a state-funded program providing short-term employment and training services to disadvantaged and at-risk youth between the ages of 14-21 in all 87 counties.

Employee Benefits
Money isn't everything. Salary is only part of the benefits that employees receive.

Succeeding in the Workplace
Getting hired is only half the battle. Does your teen know how to act on the job to increase his or her chances of getting promoted?