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Explore Careers with Your Teen

A family's help with exploring careers and jobs can make a big difference to teens.

Learn more about exploring the world of work, taking assessments, and planning for a successful career.


The MyMnCareerPlan website, workbook, and matrix provides a career and college readiness model for parents to use to help teens. It is easy to follow and supports several elements of the current students' successful transition to postsecondary and employment legislation.

Career Resources

Career Clusters and Pathways
Where do you start when choosing a career? With the number of choices out there, it helps to look at a lot of careers at once. Use the career clusters and pathways framework that groups occupations with common features.

You and your teen should know which skills employers want and why. Knowing about work skills will help your teen to make informed decisions when choosing college and job training options.

Create a Plan & Set Goals
Get tips on helping your teen to develop education and career goals and developing a positive outlook.

Growing Careers in Minnesota
The job market is constantly changing. Find out which occupations, skills, and industries have the most job openings, the highest pay, and are most needed by employers.

Emerging Careers
You might have heard a lot about green careers, renewable energy, and health care jobs in the news. But what does your teen really need to know about these career paths?

Unique Career Paths
Make sure your teen has considered all the options before deciding on a career path. Nontraditional careers, military options, and self-employment are often overlooked.

Within My Reach Workbook
Helps middle school students explore their interests and talents, relate them to careers options, and discover how to use high school to achieve their college dreams. This free workbook is available from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.


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