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Government and Public Administration

Pathways in Government and Public Administration

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Foreign Service
Workers who are involved in the operations of U.S. embassies, political and economic analysis or helping American citizens abroad. Includes occupations in embassies, consulates, diplomatic missions, and in Washington, D.C.
Workers involved in making and executing public policy by working with other officials, constituents, and interest groups. Includes officials elected or appointed to government positions and support staff.
National Security
Occupations focused on keeping the country's people, institutions, systems, technology and economy safe from physical or cyber attack. Includes military positions.
Occupations related to the developing of long- and short-term land use plans for residential, commercial, institutional and recreational purposes in urban, suburban and rural communities.
Public Management and Administration
Occupations related to the regulations and policies that manage the stewardship of public resources used by government agencies, public corporations, and trusts. Includes budgeting, personnel management, and procurement.
Workers who combine technical or industry knowledge with knowledge of related laws, rules and regulatory systems to monitor or influence regulations that protect public health, safety or the environment. Includes regulation of financial, transportation and public utility industries.
Revenue and Taxation
Workers who ensure that governments obtain revenues from businesses and citizens by collecting tax dollars, reviewing tax returns, conducting audits, monitoring taxes payable and collecting overdue tax dollars.


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