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Human Services

Pathways in Human Services

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Consumer Services
Occupations related to helping individuals with decisions and problems relating to finance, real estate, insurance and consumer goods.
Counseling and Mental Health Services
Workers who assist people with personal, family, educational, mental health, and career decisions and problems. Might work in hospitals, clinics, schools or private settings.
Early Childhood Development and Services
Occupations related to the nurturing or teaching of infants and young children in child care centers, nursery schools, preschools, public schools, private households, and before- and after-school programs.
Family and Community Services
Occupations related to helping disabled, elderly, impoverished or other underrepresented populations to secure housing, employment, financial assistance or other social services.
Personal Care Services
Occupations provide services related to an individual's physical care, including cosmetic, spa, fitness, and funeral services.