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Employers expect to do on-the-job training for new hires to reinforce educational training.

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"We have our best success with the ones that we grow ourselves, our nursing assistants and our licensed practical nurses. And we've paid for all of their tuition, and their books, and their fees to go on to their next step. And they have that background already in the long-term care.

Question: Is that a common experience with the folks at the table—that you're doing a lot of the training/educational piece at your facility?

Employer: In the nursing homes, yes."
"Clinical rotations used to be about 52 weeks long, and that was because everything was done manually. As automation has come, true rotations are now between 16 and 20 weeks. So, it's cut by more than a half. And when we train, we just provide a student—like we're going to teach you everything we learned in 30 years of our work...but it's just giving them the experience of being in a lab, being around the instrumentation, and so forth.

Question: If you were advising folks in training your applicants, would you tell them to go back to the 52 weeks?

Employer: No. Well, instrumentation is so different in every lab, but you can get a general feeling for troubleshooting an instrument. We're talking about quality control. Some of those things are always going to remain the same, but when you go to, say, the university, or to the hospital, they'll have more technology that you have to learn there."
"Administrators will tell you that even for that new grad, who comes onto the medical-surgical floor, that it will take a year of real-life experience. So, it's kind of on-the-job training. You can imagine that if you learn to care for somebody in a book and you had a few hours of on-site job training, that you wouldn't really be an expert at something, at least all the intricacies of the human body and what can happen, until you've seen a lot of different things. So, it takes about a year." Northeast
"So, this is the way we do it at our long-term care facility. It's not changing the way the law is, but this is how we do it at our facility. And so we just train them. They get six weeks of training.

Question: Once they're at your location?

Employer: Yes. We do six weeks of training with the LPNs. So, you know, they're well trained."
"It takes them two years to be competent." Northwest
"They come in with a clinical background, so it's just reinforcing it and teaching them how to use the system and the ways that we work. Different things like that." Southeast
"There will be a minimum of just learning the computer system, for example, and the various technologies." Southeast