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Radiation Therapists
Treat cancer and other diseases by giving people radiation treatment.
Radio Operators
Receive and transmit communications using radio equipment.
Radio and Television Announcers
Speak on radio or television, presenting news, sports, or music to audiences.
Radio, Cellular, and Tower Equipment Installers and Repairers
Repair, install, or maintain equipment used in radio transmission or other communications.
Radiologic Technicians
Assist radiologists and radiologic technologists with various tasks.
Radiologic Technologists
Perform diagnostic tests, such as x-rays and CAT scans.
Diagnose health problems using x-rays and radioactive materials.
Rail Car Repairers
Repair railroad cars.
Rail Yard Engineers, Dinkey Operators, and Hostlers
Drive locomotive or dinkey engines within a railroad yard, quarry, or construction project.
Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators
Lay, repair, and maintain railroad track.
Railroad Brake, Signal, and Switch Operators
Operate railroad track switches.
Railroad Conductors and Yardmasters
Coordinate the activities of a train crew or railroad yard workers.
Real Estate Agents
Help clients buy or sell property.
Real Estate Appraisers and Assessors
Estimate the fair market value of properties.
Real Estate Brokers
Operate real estate offices.
Receptionists and Information Clerks
Greet the general public and customers, answering questions or providing directions.
Recordkeeping Weighers and Checkers
Weigh, measure, and check materials, supplies, and equipment in order to keep records.
Recreation Workers
Organize or conduct recreation activities in public facilities.
Recreational Therapists
Provide treatment and recreational activities for people with disabilities or illness.
Recreational Vehicle Service Technicians
Diagnose and repair recreational vehicles, including trailers.
Recycling Coordinators
Recycling coordinators develop and manage recycling programs for different types of organizations.
Recycling and Reclamation Workers
Prepare and sort material for recycling.
Refractory Materials Repairers
Build or repair equipment such as furnaces and boilers.
Registered Nurses
Provide and coordinate patient care, and educate and support patients and families.
Regulatory Affairs Managers
Make sure that the production facilities within a business are operating according to rules and regulations.
Regulatory Affairs Specialists
Coordinate regulatory procedures, including audits and inspections.
Rehabilitation Counselors
Work with people to help them become more independent and employable.
Reinforcing Iron and Rebar Workers
Put steel bars or mesh into concrete in order to make concrete stronger.
Religious Activities Directors
Plan, direct, or coordinate religious programs or activities.
Remote Sensing Scientists and Technologists
Study a variety of topics using remote sensing techniques.
Remote Sensing Technicians
Assist scientists using remote sensing techniques.
Reporters and Correspondents
Report and write stories for news outlets.
Reservation and Transportation Ticket Agents
Make reservations for travelers who need transportation or lodging.
Residential Advisors
Coordinate activities in resident facilities, such as college dorms or group homes.
Respiratory Therapists
Care for patients with breathing problems.
Respiratory Therapy Technicians
Provide respiratory care under the direction of respiratory therapists and physicians.
Restaurant Cooks
Prepare a wide range of food in restaurants.
Restaurant Hosts and Hostesses
Welcome and seat restaurant customers.
Retail Loss Prevention Specialists
Create systems to reduce the risk of theft in retail stores.
Retail Salespersons
Sell merchandise, such as furniture, clothes, or automobiles, in stores.
Set up or repair rigging for construction or related projects.
Risk Management Specialists
Identify risks to an organization.
Robotics Engineers
Research, design, and test robotic systems.
Robotics Technicians
Build, install, test, or maintain robotic equipment or related automated production systems.
Rolling Machine Operators
Operate machines to roll steel or plastic.
Roofer Helpers
Help roofers by performing basic roofing duties.
Cover roofs with shingles and other materials.
Assemble and repair oil field equipment.