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Major: Legal Research and Advanced Professional Studies


Legal research and advanced professional studies programs prepare students for legal research or advanced practice in a specific fields, including foreign law, banking and securities law, environmental law, health law, tax law, intellectual property law, and others.

Specific programs included in this major:

  • Advanced Legal Research/Studies, General (LLM, MCL, MLI, MSL, JSD/SJD)
  • American/US Law/Legal Studies/Jurisprudence (LLM, MCJ, JSD/SJD)
  • Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law
  • Canadian Law/Legal Studies/Jurisprudence
  • Comparative Law
  • Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Law
  • Health Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Business, Trade, and Tax Law
  • International Law and Legal Studies
  • Legal Research & Advanced Professional Studies, Other
  • Programs for Foreign Lawyers
  • Tax Law/Taxation


Typical Degrees Offered

Minnesota schools offer several different award levels for this major. The number of 2017-2018 graduates in the chart below were awarded the following degrees:

Bachelor degree*, 15 graduates

Master degree**, 98 graduates

*This award level also includes post-bachelor's certificates.
**This award level also includes post-master's certificates.


Careers You Qualify For With This Major


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College Preparation

In Minnesota, your school may have developed a Program of Study in this career area. A Program of Study is an academic and career plan developed by your high school to help move you towards a career and college path. A Program of Study can help you:

  • Select high school classes that prepare you for college and getting a job
  • Understand how the classes you're taking in high school lead to a career
  • Identify extra-curricular activities that are related to your career interest
  • See what classes at your school offer early college credit that will save you time and money towards your college expenses
  • Graduate from high school prepared for your next step toward the career you choose

Learn more about Programs of Study at your high school.


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