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Architecture and Construction

Would you like to get paid to build the things people use everyday?

Architecture and construction workers work on buildings and other structures. This includes highways, bridges, houses, and buildings. You might create the designs or plans for new structures. Or, you might use the plans to build it or manage the workers on the project.

Some architecture and construction workers do skilled trades, like carpentry, painting, or plumbing. For example, you might do all of the electrical work for a renovated office space. Or, you might work as a landscaper and take care of flowers and trees on large properties.

There are many hobbies and activities you could explore to learn more about architecture and construction. Try one or more of these activities:

  • Math Club
  • Math Counts
  • Skills USA
  • Start a lawn mowing service.
  • Do repair and home improvement projects.
  • Job shadow at an architecture or home design firm.
  • Volunteer to care for flowers at a park or community center.

Source: Minnesota Department of Education and MnCareers