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Licensed Practical Nurses

Tools & Technology for Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses


Abdominal binders
Analgesic infusion sets or kits
  • Infusion sets
Apnea monitors or accessories
  • Apnea monitors
Automated external defibrillators AED or hard paddles
  • Automated external defibrillators AED
Blood transfusion filters or screens or accessories
  • Blood transfusion drip regulators
Butterfly needles
Canes or cane accessories
  • Canes
Capillary or hematocrit tubes
  • Capillary tubes
Cardiac output CO monitoring units or accessories
  • Heart monitors
  • Non-invasive cardiac output monitors
  • Ultrasonic cardiac output monitors
Cervical collars or neck braces
  • Neck braces
Clinical trapeze bars
  • Clinical trapezes
Continuous passive motion CPM devices or accessories
  • Continuous passive motion CPM equipment
Crutches or crutch accessories
  • Crutches
Desktop computers
Dial calibrated intravenous flowmeters or regulators
  • Infusion controllers
Electrocardiography EKG transmitter or telemetry or accessories
  • Telemetry units
Electrocardiography EKG units
Electronic blood pressure units
Electronic stethoscopes or accessories
  • Electronic stethoscopes
Enema kits or accessories
  • Enema equipment
Extremity restraints
  • Limb restraints
  • Wrist restraints
Full body restraints
  • Fabric body holders
Glucose monitors or meters
  • Blood glucometers
  • Glucometers
  • Needleless glucometers
Head or neck traction supplies
  • Crutchfield tongs
  • Halo traction equipment
Hematology analyzers
  • Hemoglobinometer machines
Hemodialysis units
  • Dialysis machines
Hypodermic needle
  • Hollow needles
  • Intradermal needles
  • Intramuscular needles
  • Intravenous IV needles
  • Subcutaneous hypodermic needles
Intermittent positive pressure breathing IPPB machines
  • Intermittent positive pressure breathing IPPB apparatus
Intravenous infusion pumps for general use
  • Infusion pumps
Intravenous or arterial extension tubing
  • Filtered intravenous IV catheter tubing
  • Non-vented intravenous IV catheter tubing
  • Vented intravenous IV catheter tubing
Intravenous or arterial infusion single port bags or containers
  • Bag infusion systems
  • Closed infusion systems
  • Open infusion systems
  • Safety infusion systems
Intravenous or arterial tubing adapters or connectors or locks or caps or protectors
  • Heparin locks
  • Intermittent infusion sets
Knee brace or support
  • Knee braces
Leg traction supplies
  • Balkan frames
Medical acoustic stethoscope or accessory
  • Mechanical stethoscopes
Medical gas cylinders or related devices
  • Oxygen cylinders
Medical incision drains
  • Hemovac drains
  • Jackson-Pratt drains
Medical oxygen masks or parts
  • Oxygen masks
Medical oxygen tubing or connectors
  • Oxygen tubing
Medical suction or vacuum appliances
  • Gastric suction equipment
  • Intubation suctioning kits
Medical syringe without needle
  • Syringes
Medical ultrasound or doppler or pulse echo or echography units for general diagnostic use
  • Ultrasonic Doppler equipment
Mercury blood pressure units
  • Mercury blood pressure measuring equipment
Nasogastric tubes
  • Flexible nasogastric tubes
Nebulizer or accessories
  • Compressor tabletop nebulizers
  • Electronic compressor nebulizers
  • Nebulizers
  • Pediatric nebulizers
  • Portable nebulizers
  • Ultrasonic nebulizers
Needle protectors
  • Safety needles
Needleless intravenous injection syringe set or injection cannula
  • Needleless intraveneous IV sets
Needleless vial or bag withdrawal cannulas or adapters or decanters
  • Needleless intravenous IV withdrawal equipment
Notebook computers
Orthopedic traction hardware or weights
  • Bucks extensions
  • Traction equipment
  • Traction weights
Ostomy appliances
  • Ostomy equipment
Oxygen therapy delivery system products accessories or its supplies
  • Oxygen supplies
Patient care beds or accessories for specialty care
  • Air fluidized beds
  • Circo-electric beds
  • Frames
  • Rotating bed
Patient controlled analgesia infusion pumps
  • Patient controlled analgesia PCA pumps
Patient lifts or accessories
  • Patient lifters
Patient shifting boards or accessories
  • Transfer boards
Patient stabilization or fall prevention devices or accessories
  • Ankle restraints
  • Gait belts
  • Lap belts
  • Restraints
Perfusion oxygen or hematocrit saturation monitors or accessories
  • Saturation of oxygen SaO2 monitors
Peripheral intravenous catheters for general use
  • Over-the-needle intravenous IV catheters
  • Through-the-needle intravenous IV catheters
Personal computers
Pulse oximeter units
  • Pulse oximeters
Respiratory monitoring kits or its accessories
  • Non-invasive cardio respiratory monitors
  • Respiration monitors
Restraint straps or buckles or accessories or supplies
  • Safety belts
  • Wheelchair belts
Restraint vests and jackets
  • Posey vests
  • Safety jackets
  • Safety vests
Spirometers or its accessories or its supplies
  • Automated spirometers
  • Digital spirometers
  • Handheld spirometers
  • Personal computer PC-based spirometers
  • Pocket spirometers
  • Pulmonary function testing PFT equipment
Suture removal kits or trays or packs or sets
  • Suture removal kits
Tablet computers
Therapeutic heating or cooling blankets or drapes
  • Hyper/hypothermia blankets
Tracheostomy tubes
  • Tracheotomy tubes
Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation units
  • Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation TENS equipment
Tuberculin syringes
  • Tuberculin TB skin test equipment
Urinary catheterization kit
  • Urinary catheters
Vacuum blood collection tubes or containers
  • Evacuated blood collection tubes
Vascular or compression apparel or support
  • Pneumatic boots
Walkers or rollators
  • Walkers
Walking braces


Calendar and scheduling software
  • Scheduling software
Categorization or classification software
  • Diagnostic and procedural coding software
Electronic mail software
  • Microsoft Outlook
Internet browser software
  • Web browser software
Inventory management software
  • Inventory tracking software
Medical software
  • Electronic medical record EMR software
  • Epic Systems
  • Healthcare common procedure coding system HCPCS
  • Infusion management software
  • MEDITECH software
  • MedicWare EMR
  • Medical condition coding software
  • Medical procedure coding software
  • PointClickCare
  • Prescription processing software
  • Telephone triage software
Office suite software
  • Microsoft Office
Spreadsheet software
  • Microsoft Excel
Word processing software
  • Microsoft Word

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