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Tips for Using Job Ads

Where should you look for employment ads? What's the best way to respond to them once you find them?

Find Ads

  • Search local and national job websites. Sign up to automatically receive an e-mail when new openings are listed.
  • Research employers and check their websites for job openings. Many companies don't advertise jobs anywhere but on their own websites.
  • Search association or industry websites that are related to your employment goals. Examples include the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association for jobs in marketing/promotion and the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits for jobs in the nonprofit sector.
  • Use as many sources of ads as you can.

Review Postings

  • Review the same sources regularly to find new listings when they are listed.
  • Don't ignore "blind" ads (ads where you apply to a box number and do not know the employer's name). Many good jobs are listed as blind ads.
  • Look at all of the jobs listed, not just those that fit your goal. You may find a company you're interested in, even if they haven't listed a job in your occupation.

Respond to Job Postings

  • Respond to new openings as soon as possible.
  • Research the employer and the job before you apply.
  • Direct your application or resume and cover letter to a person by name. Avoid "To whom it may concern" or "Personnel Manager." Find the correct name and title to use from the company website or call and speak to a receptionist.
  • If possible, deliver your application or resume in person and try to meet the person doing the hiring.
  • Keep a log of where you apply, so that you don't apply for the same job over and over.
  • After you apply, check back with the employer to ask for an interview.

Source: Creative Job Search, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.


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