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Job Banks and Re-Employment

Job banks are online "help wanted" ads.

Job banks are sometimes called job websites or job boards. They allow job seekers to search through and apply for job openings online. They also allow employers to search through resumes, sometimes to fill jobs they have not posted.

Searching for Jobs

There are thousands of job banks. Most work in the same basic way. Employers pay to post job openings, while job seekers search through the openings and apply for those that interest them.

Posting Resumes

Sometimes you can post your resume without applying for a specific job. Then you'll be considered by employers reviewing resumes for positions they haven't even posted. Follow the specific instructions on each site to post your resume.

No Charge

You should not have to pay to post your resume or search through job openings. However, you may have to register with a username and password to use all the features of a job bank.

To get started, explore the sites listed on the Job Websites page. See which you are most comfortable with. Large job banks include postings for jobs in a wide range of ability and experience levels, occupations, and industries.


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