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Make a Career Plan

A career plan includes the short-term and long-term goals for your career.

Who is in charge of your career? Who makes the decisions? You! Learn all about career plans, why they are important, and how to see them through until they are completed.

Use the pages below to help make a career plan.

Take Charge of Your Career
Understand why it's a good idea to be in charge of your own career.

Develop Your Plan
Learn the steps for creating your own career plan.

Sample Career Plans
View a sample of a career plan broken into short-term action items and long-term goals. Use this sample to create your own plan.

Career Plan Timetable
Review how to job search immediately after release and the steps to advance your career over time.

How to Stick to Your Plan
Don't give up! Get tips for seeing your career plan turn into reality.

Creating Plan B
Things don’t always go the way you plan. Be prepared for changes that affect your goals.