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Career Fields

All careers fall into one of six career fields. If you are just starting to explore careers, career fields are a good place to start.

Once you've explored the six career fields, you can find more details in the 16 Career Clusters. Read more about each career field below, including which career clusters fall under each field.

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

In this career field, you would work with plants and animals. You might:

  • raise crops or livestock for food
  • sell crops or livestock
  • help farmers and ranchers increase production
  • process food
  • protect the environment

This career field includes only one career cluster: the Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources career cluster.

Business, Management, & Administration

This career field has four career clusters.

    1. In business, management, and administration, you keep a business running. You may be in charge of the business as the boss. Another option is to keep track of expenses and income. Or you might hire and train the workers.

    1. In finance, you keep track of money. You could keep records. Or you could help people get loans and save money. Another option is to help people buy insurance. You could also run a bank.

    1. In hospitality and tourism, you help people have fun. You could help people who want to eat out get their food and drinks. Another option is to take care of guests at a hotel. Or you could help people plan trips.

  1. In marketing, sales, and service, you sell products. You might create ads to get customers to buy products. Or you might sell directly to customers. Another option is to use the Internet to sell.

Communications & Information Systems

This career field has two main career clusters.

    1. In information technology, you would work with computers and software. You might design computer hardware or create software programs. Another option is to make sure that computers are working. Or you might link workers in several parts of the world.

  1. In arts, audio/video technology, and communication, you might be a performer or artist. You would be on the stage during a play or concert or be in front of the camera during a movie or television show. Or you might create a painting or write a book. Another option is to work behind the scenes. You would work on film production or magazine, book, or newspaper production.

Engineering, Manufacturing, & Technology

In this career field, you construct buildings or make products. Or you might design new structures or products. Another option is to install or repair these manufactured products. You might do research to develop new products or systems. Or you could drive the vehicles, trains, or planes that deliver the products.

This career field includes these four career clusters:

Health Science Technology

In this career field, you identify and treat injuries or diseases. Or you might work to keep people healthy. You could work at many different sites. Work may be done in offices, hospitals, or labs. You might even work on a cruise ship or in a hotel.

This career field includes the Health Science career cluster.

Human Services

This career field has four career clusters.

    1. In education and training, you help young people and adults learn. You may teach in a classroom. You could provide training to employees in a business. In addition, you might support teachers in schools. You could be a counselor, librarian, or principal.

    1. In government and public administration, you might work in many different places. You might work in your hometown for the city government. Or you might work for your state or federal government. Or you might live in another country and work at an embassy.

    1. In human services, you will find many chances to help people. You could care for children. Or you might help people solve problems. Another option is to take care of disabled people. Or you might help people look better. Or arrange a funeral. Another option is to help people with money problems.

  1. In law, public safety, corrections, and security, you keep people safe. You might watch people who are in jail or prison. Or you might defend homes and businesses during fires. Another option is to enforce the law and look into crimes. You might protect buildings, people, and products. Or you might help people deal with laws.

Source: Minnesota Department of Education