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What Are Job Skills?

Everyone has strengths and skills. If you want a job that's a good fit for you, start by looking at your skills.

Skills are things that you can do or abilities that you have. Many job skills are:

  • Learnable: You can get education or training that will teach you skills or improve the ones you already have.
  • Transferable: Many things you do at one job can also be used at a different job.

It's important to think about the skills you have at different times in your career. Pay attention to when you've learned a new skill. And be aware of what strengths and skills you might be able to use in a different job.

Identify Your Job Skills

  1. Review a list of common work skills to get started.
  2. Review your soft skills that are often transferred from one job to another.
  3. Think about your strengths, skills, and all the things you know how to do.
  4. Think about a time when you did something you were proud of. What skills did you use to do that?
  5. Write down your skills and examples in a notebook or journal.

Next Steps: