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Explore Careers

Explore Careers

Assess Yourself
What is an Assessment?
What Employers Are Really Looking for
Why Skills Are Important
Occupational Skills
Employability Skills
Skills Resources
Take an Assessment
MnCareers Interest Assessment
Career Cluster Interest Survey
Interest Assessment

Set Goals
Assess Yourself: MyMnCareerPlan
Explore Careers: MyMnCareerPlan
Set Goals: MyMnCareerPlan
Expand Skills: MyMnCareerPlan
Find a Job: MyMnCareerPlan
Manage Your Career: MyMnCareerPlan
Career Planning for College Students
Set Career Goals
Your Lifelong Journey
Reality Check
Reality Check Tool
Dream Jobs

Research Minnesota Careers and Industries
Career Clusters and Pathways
Career Clusters
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Architecture and Construction
Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications
Business, Management, and Administration
Education and Training
Government and Public Administration
Health Science
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Services
Information Technology
Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
Marketing, Sales, and Service
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Career Pathways
Career Cluster Interest Assessment
About Career Fields, Clusters & Pathways
Counselor Resources

Growing Careers in Minnesota
Careers with the Most Openings
Minnesota Growing Industries
Minnesota Growing Careers

Minnesota Emerging Careers and Skills

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Careers and Skills
Understanding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Skills
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Careers
Preparing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Skills

Minnesota Energy Careers

Health Care Careers

Unique Career Paths
Nontraditional Careers
Nontraditional Careers for Men and Women
Skills Sets in Nontraditional Careers
Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
Nontraditional Career Resources

Military Career Opportunities
Military Careers
Military Branches
Military Career Classifications
Military Enlisted Personnel Advancement
Military Officer Advancement
Glossary of Military Terms

Business Resources for Self-Employment

Employers Speak: Minnesota Workforce Needs

Career Videos

Campus Career Service Centers
Career Planning Resources
CareerForce Locations
Career Counselors
Employment Training Programs
GPS LifePlan

Career and Industry Search Tools

Plan Your Education

Plan Your Education

Explore Education Options
Higher Education
Is Higher Education for You?
How Higher Education Pays Off
What is a Liberal Arts Education?
Begin Your School Research
Types of Minnesota State Schools
Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees Explained
Education Glossary

Short-Term Training in Minnesota

Online Learning
What is Online Learning?
Are Online Courses for You?
What Makes a Successful Online Learner?
Choosing an Online Course or Program
Internet Safety for Online Learning
Helping a Child with Internet Safety
Postsecondary Online Programs and Courses
Online Learning Links and Resources

Apprenticeship Programs
Registered Apprenticeship
Youth Apprenticeship

Work-Based Learning
What Is Work-Based Learning?
Types of Work-Based Learning
Internship Websites
Service Learning
Work-Based Learning Workplace Rights
Resources for Setting Up Work-Based Learning
Steer Your Career

Adult Basic Education (ABE)
ABE Provider List

Prepare for College
Tips to Prepare for College
Returning to School as an Adult
Visit Schools

Pay for College
Financial Aid 101
Scholarship Websites
Vouchers and Training Funds
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
Pathways to Prosperity
Calculate Costs to Pay for College

Apply to College
College Applications
Transfer Credits
College Admissions Tests
Undergraduate College Admissions Tests
Graduate College Admissions Tests
College Credit for Prior Learning

How to Choose Your Major
Major Search
Bachelor's Degree and Career Destination

Education Search Tools

Find a Job

Find a Job

Explore the Job Market
Salary Information
Research Employers
Occupations in Demand
Regional Careers in Demand
Minnesota Job Vacancies
Minnesota Job Vacancy Key Findings
Top 30 Minnesota Job Vacancies
Industry Sites

Develop Your Resume and Cover Letter
Types of Resumes
What to Put in a Resume
Resume Verbs
Make Resume Keywords Work for You
Resume Writing Tips
How to Use a Resume
Cover Letters
Types of Cover Letters
How to Showcase Your Work
Create an Online Portfolio
Types of Work Samples

Search and Apply
How to Search for a Job
Use Job Websites
Tips for Using Job Ads
Attend Job Fairs
Tips for Getting Your First Job
Job Search Quiz
Build Your Network
Prepare an Elevator Speech
Make a List of Contacts
Take Your Network Online
Set Up Informational Interviews
Contact Potential Employers
Maintain Your Network
Employment Agencies
Job Applications
Online Job Applications
Practice Online Job Application
Barriers to Employment
How Employers Hire
Know Your Rights as a Worker

Interview and Negotiate
Types of Interviews
Job Interview Quiz
Common Interview Questions
Legal Interview Questions
Interview Tips
How to Schedule Interviews
Dress for Success
Not Getting Results?
Interview Follow-Up
Salary Negotiation
Sample Salary Questions and Answers
Employee Benefits
Types of Employee Benefits
Benefit Eligibility & Cost
Consider the Job Offer
Succeeding in the Workplace
Workplace Challenges

Manage Job Loss and Transition
Recently Unemployed
Immediate Help After a Job Loss
Minnesota WorkForce Centers
Unemployment Benefits in Minnesota
Medical Coverage After a Job Loss in Minnesota
Financial Tips After a Job Loss
Minnesota's Dislocated Worker Program
Rights After a Layoff in Minnesota
Job Search After a Job Loss
Job Hunting After a Job Loss
Networking After a Job Loss
Job Banks and Re-Employment
Education and Training After a Job Loss
Changing Careers After a Job Loss
Assessing Your Skills After a Job Loss
Switching Careers After a Job Loss
Market Yourself After a Job Loss

Dealing With Job Transition
Checklist of Job Seeking Activities
Stress Management During Job Search

Job Search Services
Employment Training Programs
Questions and Answers for Older Workers After a Job Loss
Child Care, Transportation, and Other Support Services

Job Search Tools


Career Counselors
Career Counselors Essential Guide to CAREERwise Education
Career and College Readiness Glossary
Outreach and Training Materials
Publications & Presentations
Webinars & Training
Handouts and Fact Sheets
Outreach Archive
Job Loss Resources
Resources for College Career Counselors and Advisers
Career Cluster Resources for Career Counselors
Strategies for Implementing Career Clusters
Career Clusters and Holland Codes
More Career Cluster Resources for Career Counselors
Associations for Career Counselors
Resources for Career Counselors

Recently Unemployed


Immigrants and Refugees
Education Resources for Immigrants and Refugees
Employment Resources for Immigrants and Refugees
Legal Resources for Immigrants and Refugees
Cultural Services for Immigrants and Refugees
Language Resources for Immigrants and Refugees

Parent Center
Explore Careers With Your Teen
Plan for Education With Your Teen
Help Your Teen Find a Job
Other Career Resources for Families
Additional Resources for Families

People with Disabilities
Education Resources for People with Disabilities
Employment Resources for People with Disabilities
Hidden Disabilities in the Workplace
Financial Resources for People with Disabilities
Services for People with Disabilities

Transition to Civilian Life for Veterans
Career Decisions for Veterans
Education and Training Resources for Veterans
Employment Resources for Veterans
Other Resources for Veterans

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Regional Careers
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Energy Careers in Minnesota
Energy Careers
Energy Career Clusters
Energy Videos
Energy Education
Energy Jobs

Health Care Careers in Minnesota

IT Careers in Minnesota
IT Careers
IT Education
IT Jobs

Manufacturing Careers in Minnesota
Manufacturing Careers
Manufacturing Education
Youth Resources
Educator Resources
Center of Excellence
Manufacturing Jobs

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